I retired after more than 30 years supporting IT infrastructure at a large university and a fortune 100 business, yet continue to have a genuine passion for technology. In a part-time capacity I continue to offer consulting, planning, and implementation for small to medium scale solutions.

I believe in collaboration, and services are therefore designed around the specific needs of the client. I do not want to assume I know what you need, but prefer to listen to your ideas first and work together on solutions.

I support free software – in terms of sharing works granted free use by their creators. You will normally get the source code for anything I develop with right of redistribution or modification under GPL, and I will retain right to reuse for other clients’ projects. Other terms (e.g. non-compete) may be negotiated on custom work. Having said that, I also respect intellectual property ownership and software licenses. I will not knowingly work on systems with illegal copies of software requiring a valid license.

I aim to practice sustainability. Whatever I build should be robust and run for long times, not requiring continuous maintenance, should survive OS upgrades, routine package upgrades (PHP/perl/MySQL etc.). This approach will help us both sleep at night knowing your systems will not crash/hang/misbehave unexpectedly. I am proud to claim a few of my embedded systems have run for more than 5 years, only being interrupted by brief power outages.

I value documentation. Whatever I create will come with enough documentation that if you decide to hire someone else in the future, they will have good reference materials to understand code and components without having to study code or reverse-engineer by observation.